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How Do I Use WoodPad with Microsoft Ink?

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How Do I Use WoodPad with Microsoft Ink?

Grace Chang

WoodPad and Microsoft Ink

Using WoodPad and Microsoft Ink is fairly easy and this is where our advantage of our plug and play feature comes in. There is no need to download a driver if you are just using this drawing pad with Microsoft Word. However, if you are using it with other drawing applications and would like the pen pressure function to be working, a driver download is needed. 

Step 1: Plug and Play the WoodPad into your computer

Step 2: Open Microsoft Word or other Office Application. You should see this at the top of the program. 

Microsoft Blog.png

Step 3: Gently tap the Pen onto the WoodPad, you will notice the toolbar at the top change and a new "Ink Tools" function appears. 

Microsoft Blog2.png

Step 4: Begin drawing on the WoodPad and see the marks and changes on your page. You can adjust the color and thickness of the pen. Pen pressure is available on Microsoft Ink.

Microsoft Blog3.png