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palette 10..繪圖板10..绘图板10

WODPAD10 SQSPACE RC_工作區域 1.jpg

WoodPad Palette 10"

….Realize Creativity, Start Here..實現創意,從這裡開始.. 实现创意,从这里开始….

….Minimal design with bamboo’s natural nodes and color. Tender paper-like surface. Infinitely creative designs starts from the drawing tool you use..現簡約設計的天然節點與顏色,保持紙張觸感的溫柔表面,無限創意的設計概念,從使用的繪畫工具開始做起。..呈现简约设计的天然节点与颜色,保持纸张触感的温柔表面,无限创意的设计概念,从使用的绘画工具开始做起。….

WODPAD10 SQSPACE RC2_工作區域 1_工作區域 1.jpg

….Closer to Creativity..讓創意離你更靠近..让创意离你更靠近….

….It is effortlessly portable for you to draw in a coffee shop, when you are on a trip, or work on the go. ..不管是去咖啡廳,出門旅行,還是在外辦公都可以隨身攜帶出門創作。..不管是去咖啡厅,出门旅行,还是在外办公都可以随身携带出门创作。….

….The whole city is the source of your creative inspiration and canvas, allowing you to draw anytime, anywhere. ..讓您隨時隨地立即創作,整個城市都是你的創作靈感與畫布。..让您随时随地立即创作,整个城市都是你的创作灵感与画布。….

WODPAD10 SQSPACE RC3_工作區域 1.jpg

New Features of Drawing Pen..手寫筆全新功能..手写笔全新功能

Professional Drawing Pen, with 250PPS reading speed, 5080 high resolution and up to 4096 levels of pressure, giving you more control in smoothness on drawing, precision and delicacy on screen, and complete presentation on idea creations… 搭配4096階筆壓,250讀取數度與5080高解析度專業規格,讓您高度掌握線條流暢度,完整呈現創作精隨。 下載驅動程式可以享有個人化設定與更多筆觸功能。..搭配4096阶笔压,250读取数度与5080高分辨率专业规格,让您高度掌握线条流畅度,完整呈现创作精随。 下载驱动程序可以享有个人化设定与更多笔触功能。


Multi Software Compatibility..相容主流與多種軟體..兼容主流与多种软件

….Integrating WoodPad with Window Ink gives you familiar feel of pen pressure and modification in Microsoft office. 不論是在MAC or Windows 系統。Palette10 支援 Photoshop、Illustrator、MAYA、Corel Painter 等各種熱門繪圖應用程式,搭配 Windows Ink 功能,在Microsoft Office 軟體中享有筆壓修改功能。..Palette10 支持 Photoshop、Illustrator、MAYA、Corel Painter 等各种热门绘图应用程序,搭配 Windows Ink 功能,在Microsoft Office 软件中享有笔压修改功能。….



  • ....Active Area 220x 140 mm ..活動區域 220 x 140 mm ..活动区域 220 x 140 mm 6.4” x 4”….

  • ....Weight 273.5 g..重量 273.5 g..重量 273.5 g....

  • ....Resolution 5080 LPI..解析度 5080 LPI..解析度 5080 LPI....

  • ....Reading Speed 250 PPS..讀取速度 250 PPS ..读取速度 250 PPS....

  • ....Interface USB..連接孔 USB..连接孔 USB....

  • ....Pen Pressure-sensitive, no batteries needed..有壓感,不需要電池..有压感,不需要电池....

  • ....Pen Pressure 4096 pressure levels..筆壓 4096 筆壓..笔压4096笔压....

  • ....Diameter..直徑12毫米..直径12毫米....

  • ....Accuracy 0.25 mm (0.010") ..精準度0.25 毫米..精准度0.25 毫米 ....

  • ....What's In The Box WoodPad 10, Pen, Extra Pen Nibs (3), Pen Nib Remover, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide..產品盒內容 WoodPad 7 繪圖板與筆,三個更換筆芯,筆芯移除夾,USB 線材,快速入門手冊..产品盒内容 WoodPad 7 绘图板与笔,三个更换笔芯,笔芯移除夹,USB 线材,快速入门手册....